As if it’s on cue, Simon called last night needing a ride to the badminton, cause can’t find his key. Sure, np, right away.  But as I was leaving for him, he called again, tada ..found it.  In any case, I thought it’s more appropriated call for help, since our friendship is closer and felt comfortable in asking for such favors.

We didn’t get to play on Tuesday and thought there would be more players, but instead only Sunny, Jordan, Mike Sammy and his wife, which’s a surprise.  Great to see her again!  Jordan the junior (he’s only 15 and I once thought he’s in college) teams with Sunny is a formidable force, hard to beat.  Simon and I were leading 11:7 the first set, but ended up lost 15:13, hurtful, lol. The second set we won decisively 15:8. Simon played very hard, mostly was his effort. Good competitors would get that out of you.

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