Season standing

standingKai and Anna had the most wins: 13 matches each. They had the perfect score till the Metro playoffs and were the only team that played together throughout. The only two matches lost were occurred at the Sectional playoffs. Wah and Simon both had a perfect score of 4 and 5 respectively.
Most players on my team were very considerate and humble. I’m very grateful and feeling lucky.
DSCN6703The love birds.
The girl in sunglasses was about to go off for her first match at the Sectionals, against the pair behind her. I met their skipper (Northern Albany) at the Captains’ meeting the night before and had enjoyable conversation.

Having lost badly with me earlier, my partner Sean was giddy upon seeing two seniors.
As it turned out, the lady was a solid 4.0 and the guy is a 3.5. They both were very experienced and didn’t miss much. My team lost 6:2 the first set. The second set was close, but still we came up bit short at 7:5.

Kai and Anna’s match had gone to the 3rd set super tie break. Very exciting. Both teammates jointly cheered the four on on winners and ouuuuued on errors. It was pure tennis, pure joy of seeing four players battling out there under the scorching sun with all they had. Nothing divided us (as opposing team) the spectators. No whispers (trying to coach), no mean glances (as if that could help their players to win). Our pair eventually nailed it at 23:21 or something like that.

now .. listen .. Both Northern and Western teams were very enjoyable to play. They seem to be the poster child I pictured this league is all about: competitive yet friendly. There wasn’t any hit of meanness and nastiness.

Wah is polite and humble but after the match, he said to the pair in a firm tone,
“Sit down and listen if you want to win.”
He went on to stress the technique of playing doubles or mixed doubles ..
I listened but promptly forgot .. -:(
That’s me, the forgetful senior.
Maybe the Pretty Woman in the shade could fill it up for me here.

We had dinner at Katrinellas Bistro the first night up there. The restaurant is nothing to write home about it although it ranked pretty high on Trip Adviser.

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