Pain and suffering

2005-09-11-ankle.jpg     Andy called to notify the start of our Sunday morning game.  Chai is excited, ‘complaining’ that his arms are falling off too, due to his cute toddler son, lol.  I happened to see this picture taken September 2005 when I sprained my ankle while playing tennis.  Sequentially I met Andy’s group later that fall due to George’s frequently absent, so I filled in for him as sub while rehab my injured ankle.  You have to love something with zeal to ignore the pain and suffer the consequences.  It’s been 2 winter seasons and one summer with Andy’s group.  The second summer is to begin this Sunday.  On top of being nice group of players, I enjoy the short conversations with them a lot, which is very lacking with my decade long weekend morning group.  Hey, I’d like to have the cake and be able to eat it too, lol…. ok, cake might not be the right exmple since I’m not big on sweet, but you get the picture.

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