The Woman in Red

coin tossFirst thing first. Our first match at the Sectionals vs Southern. My partner Sean at coin toss ceremony.

I floated into the court feeling like a million buck light and happy but soon were sent off the court on our own feet: we lost decisively at 1 and 1. Better than the bicycles, right? I’m thick skinned optimistic. The guy was just too good: he’s 4.0 and she was 3.5 who’s solid too. The other two pairs of the opposing team – Chestnut Ridge (Westchester) were all 7.0 in combo:
1st Doubles: Eng 7.0 vs CR 7.5
2nd Doubles: 7.0 vs 7.0
3rd Doubles: 7.0 vs 7.0
On paper, we had a dream lineup: the weakest pair (Sean and I) played their strongest so that our other two teams would have better chance of winning. But the reality wasn’t quit so, with the hidden gem(s).
The skipper (right) and the lady in redThe skipper (right) and the lady in red skirt to the left
Does anyone remember of seeing this lady, in red skirt? Whom I had played last summer? Who told me that she’s on St. Johns’ team? It turned out her name is Judith A Norton (her sister Danielle S. Carr are both 4.0 player in the league. Apparently They also joined the league this season, as freshman.)
According to the NTRP,

NAIA, Div. 2 & 3 unranked college team player (commited to, playing, or played )

should ranked at 4.5 if under the age of 35 and 4.0 for 35 and over. She certainly doesn’t look like a day older than 28 but guess she is or ..?
The funny part’s she didn’t recognize me at all and that she and Danielle S. Carr aren’t sisters at all, but collectively or commonly to be known as The Carton, guess she had fun time fooling this old bag, telling me fab :).
Anyway, Wai and Mary had an easy set, 6:1 but was totally dead in the second, getting bageled. Sounded like the way Simon and I were being played last summer at Cunningham Park. Ogbonna Chilaka was too good to be a 3.0 man. There are tricks to employ to protect a player’s lower-than-actual ranking, by dumping games/matches. Bill had told me from the beginning that there are two types of teams: one playing for fun and one playing to win.
Winning is great. But does it feel great to hoisting the trophy knowing well tricks were used?
Ha .. remember .. life isn’t always fair and should you decide to join the League, take it like a man.

The Carton


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  1. A said

    Ironically ZEIN, who is pictured top right with the official is self rated 3.5 … very big LMAO…. and even better he played mens 4.0 as a self rate 3.5 after the 3rd match he got disqualified from 3.5 rating.. his 3rd strike was a 6- 3 6-1 win at 1st doubles and he also has a 6-1 6-0 win at 1st doubles … might i just remind everyone that in the mens league 1st doubles is 6 points and the overall standings goes by points not wins , so why would a captain put a 3.5 player on 1st doubles unless he really wasnt 3.5….. ?

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