DSCN9831Ok, as it turns out, Maria’s pretty outfit is two pieces: shirt and skirt, at $60 each. Without the Russian bella this outfit looks dead and dreadful. Of course. That’s where models and mannequins come in. I really don’t like the frilly shoulders which is in fashion this season, which is right with the younger crowds. The outfit would look so much better with a simple tank top – I’m old.
Too girlie for my taste.
Btw, there is a new name for middle aged, in between 30-50 or about: formerlies.

This white tank top dress has s similar style sells $120. Bit too plain thou.

Our first NY vs NJ match had gone well, thanks to Sherry and her team’s tireless effort. First isn’t exactly the right word here since this type of matches had happened in the past. But since it’s my first, so it’s the first. The idea was hatched while we were playing the sectional at Albany. Paul suggested that I should introduce myself to our fifth enemy – our last match was against NJ. It was an easy conversation with Sherry and we agreed on the spot that the friendly battle across Hudson River should continue, from time to time. My aim is to keep my team focused during the off season, monthly match with identical format and number of players. NJ volunteered to do the first. As it turned out, it became a huge party, three courts became 9. The generous hospitality they extended to us was enjoyed and appreciated by all of us.
Our little team welcomed two new comers: Ricky and Helen. Rick had expressed his desire not to team up with his lovely wife
“So I would have dinner for the rest of my life.”
Out of pity, I teamed up with him, thinking what kind of woman is she. Not cooking dinner n all that.
the super girl
So she teamed up with Simon playing next to us. As it turned out, Ricky was very lovesick, constantly longingly looking to the court next to us; whenever I missed a shot, which was often, he would musing out loud ..
” 你这么杂? 我老婆一早就搞定佐了 .. 你真是无用…. hmmmmm … Helen would have gotten that easily …”

So Irene was fooled – they are lovebird too 🙂 .. pretty good excuse on my part for losing the close match: 4:6, 5:7.
Sorry Rick, I’ll run faster next time; play harder and scream louder …

The next match was doubles, Helen and I faced a super girl and her young partner, freshly arrived. NJ team has far more players and they rotate to play two hours match while we did four hours.
One look at our opponents, especially Pat we got discouraged. She has this marvelous physiques, sculptured muscle and perfectly toned body.
We lost 4:6, 4:6
The reason should be obvious by now .. that my partner was constantly looking for her hubby and musing out loud ..
“你这么杂? 我老 公一早就搞定佐了 .. 你真是无用… ”
“我 老公一早就埋单了 ..”
Sight … 我真不知怎么这么好运 峨嵋山: 被老公吼了然后在被老婆骂 ..

Okay .. in reality, I was tired and couldn’t really move my legs and feet and all that. Pat and Lucy were great good player who played well. The atmosphere was light and jolly, the usual case when the match is loop sided.

Anyway, my kids and I would like to say thank you.

DSCN9839 DSCN9836 DSCN9828 the new lovebirds girls rule big happy family
1. The original lovebirds; 2. My 金童玉女常胜军; 3. 好像有人回娘家了, Paul? 4. The new lovebirds: not his daughter -:); 5/6 with the mates.

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