Day 3: The Flying Dutchman, G-string, etc

Day (or night) 3 at the 2010 US Open
DSCN0269 filled out
Pumpkin called over to this court,
“Mom, watch his serve ..”
Someone is flying
And his racket has two handles.
All in the name of a good game.
Kai-Chen Chang has matured a lot, built up and out a lot too.

somethin is bothering me ..
With all the fame and wealth Rafa Nadal just can’t find a comfy undie. Does it tell us to be happy with what we’ve got (or given)?

We watched the little tree John Isner play .. so did Patrick Mcenroe and his Aussie sidekick ..

Andy Roddick is arguing while John Mcenroe is looking on .. Did Mc wish that he were down there?

We’re not worth .. we’re not worth ..

.. and ran into friends that I haven’t seen in ages ..

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