Sammy’s words on badminton

In explaining his design for the tee shirt for the past weekend’s inter-club tourney, Sam wrote:

The theme if the idea is “Birdies Symphony” or “Dancing Birdies”…
I got the idea as I recalled the very first time I walked into AES for my very first badminton session…
I heard some very loud sound of the rackets pounding the shuttlecocks. It turned out to be Garry who had been punishing those poor birdies. I’d never knew that badminton could have those kind of “sound effects” before then…

As I moved on my badminton path, I found that it was actually kind of rhythmic to “hear” badminton in session. There are loud drumming like heavy smashes; there are like ‘cling’ sounds like the sounds of a harp when someone hits a light drop. It is always a mix of sounds of all kinds in different rhythms. When there are many courts playing at the same time, it’s like a symphony. That is what got me the idea to design the tee shirt for our tournament. Didn’t you enjoy the symphonic day last Saturday?

.. .. Sorry that I missed the tourney .. well written Sam .. .. The birdie can travel at 200 miles per hour, faster than a tennis ball. Once my left hand was hit by it and got bruise. I was too chicken to say anything. Didn’t want the boys think that I’m a sissy. Then one day I told this to a doctor, he confirmed that I wasn’t a crying baby. Indeed the little white birdie causes bruises.

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