Timed match

Rules for unfinished matches – not completed within allotted time; usually happens with Manhattan league because it’s only 1.5 hours (at 2014 captains meeting, league is asking if we’d like to pay more for 2-hr play time):

FIVE MINUTE RULE: if 5 minutes or more remain before the end of the match, you MUST start and attempt to complete the next game. If less than 5 minutes remain, do NOT start a new game.

A game in progress at the end of the time period is stopped and not counted. A tie-break in progress should be completed unless circumstances make it impossible to do so (players are waiting to use the courts, club maintenance staff is waiting for the courts or the club turns off the lights).

You could chew up the clock with 90 second change over allowance: i.e. 6 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock on your change over, you can shorten the change over and start next game if your opponents agree (if you’re losing by one game..) or call it night (if you’re leading..) – the reasons are – see below.

For Unfinished Matches, if the match ends under the following circumstances, the scoring is as follows:

  • In the 3rd set 10 pt tiebreak (also counts as a game and a set): Every attempt should be made to finish the 3rd set tie break unless impractical (see above). If the tiebreak is not completed, then the match is a tie with split sets. An incomplete 3rd set tie break does not count. i.e. 6-4, 2-3, 9-3
  • Split sets, with no time left to start the 3rd set tiebreak: The points for that court are split. i.e. 5-7 and 6-1
  • If the 2nd set is unfinished: Only completed games count.
    1. The team that won the first set, and the score is a tie or on serve in 2nd set, wins all the points.
    2. The team that won the first set and is ahead in the 2nd set by 1 break or more, wins all the points.
    3. The team that won the first set but is losing the 2nd set by 1 break or more, points are split.
    4. A game in progress at the end of the time period is not counted.


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