After the rain and drama, our second match of the day against Buffalo/Western was played out door as scheduled. Weather turned out to be nice again. Competitive matches with very friendly atmosphere – the way this game should be played.

Friday night the league gave a cocktail party in the afternoon followed with a raffle. There I met my team’s tormentors 🙂 for the first time. The players on the league were mostly veterans, it felt like a big reunion, cozy and jolly. The raffle prizes include from tennis bags to little hand towels. The bag being the more desirable, were gone quickly. It seemed the winner of the raffle could pick and chose. Then a Chinese player from NJ held the winning ticket and he came forward to claim his prize. The presenter was about to give him a towel. Like players before him, he asked for the bag. Unlike the previous ones, the presenter insisted offering him the towel. No one at my table made any comment at all, I wasn’t sure if any of them had seen it. When my ticket was called, almost at the very end, there were only little towel left.

the control center the portables 0 DSCN6722 June 4

As if happened, the following day, our last match was against NJ. Paul used to play on their teams so he knew them well. When I chatted with Sherry, they were pretty upset by the raffle episode, feeling being discriminated by the league, often in the past as well.

girls night out .. June 5

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, as if we don’t have in back home.

#1 Doubles Kelly Z. Draper/Darren J. La Padula Vs. SEAN YUEN/Chin Teng 6-2 6-0
#2 Doubles Mary Wong/Sai Wah Wong vs Becky B. Gennett/Scott P Engleman: 1-6 6-2 1-0
#3 Doubles Kai H. Chung/Anna Leung vs Susan E. Vail/John S Miller 6-4 6-4


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