Year end ratings

end end rating

The 2010 year end ratings are now available! Please be patient when using the ‘Find a Rating’ area as everyone is interested in their new rating.

The warning message at the tennis link on usta. Ha, the long awaited result of year long hard work .. who gets bumped up and who got dumped down. Joys and tears, I reckon? On Monday night when it first became available, the traffic was so heavy that it took minutes to load up. We’re a crazy group of people, not only wildly passionate about playing, that isn’t simply enough, we also care fanatically about how we measure up in our peers’ eyes.
My team of 12 payers has only one bump up: Simon, from 4.0 to 4.5. He’ll be ok to play on our Manhattan team as 4.0 but we’d have to forge ahead without him on our Queens team.

4th match scoresOne of our ex-teammates, Anna was bumped up to 4.0 in fm 3.5 in Sept, the early rating. She won all her Women’s 3.5 and 4.0 in the summer (after our mixed season). Then surprisingly she got bumped back down to 3.5 at year end.

Kai did only mixed doubles as I did, but his rating type is M (Mixed exclusive Year-end Rating) while I got B (Benchmark – advanced to playoff or championship round), 同命不同运 or what?

Dan last played on usta league in 2001 as a 4.0 but this time around, he used the questionnaire and got a 4.5 rating. Hmmmmmm …. he hasn’t played for a decade and is over certain age limit .. .. Somehow, I felt the ranking system is bit crap shoot.

Our fourth match was against the team we played last during previous season Lillian. She came to the court with a glass of wine and showed me her new tattoo: her 5th on her right shoulder.

team standing as of Dec 1, 2010

“It is real?” or watermarked..
“It’s real.” She replied with a pride. Apparently she’s a mountaineer and had conquered five out of the 7 hills in the world.
That’s some impressive record.

While playing, I recalled her comment about couples as partners would end up arguing; sometimes had nothing to do with tennis – would allow the domestic matters escalated into court like who left the toilet seat on (or off).

As matter of fact, I have three couples on my team this time – half are related. Don’t you feel a little incestuous 🙂 ..? Well, maybe the league is bit on the incestuous side, year in and year out, the veterans are far more out numbers than the newbies. (And the newbies like me … will soon become a vet too .. till pallbears carry me out ..)

So far, they all proclaim undying love, no argument PDA, just yet.

With last night win, our team is in the first place.. keep going kids!

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