Paying for the match

The match fee $30 ($31 if we’re the home team) is due on 3pm the day before the match. Please feel free to pay for the match online (estimate # of matches you’ll play) or paypal, Chase QuickPay, or settle it with me at match. The payment site has a clear record but I don’t check it often. I will put in few dollars as cushion just in case anyone forgets and pay up the full balance on due date February 3, 2012. You should NOT pay online after the due date because it will result in double payment. You’ll be reimbursed after the season but it’s an extra work we can all avoid. The actually match play is based on availability not on number of matches you paid, we’ll settle the over payment at end of the season.


To pay for matches:

  1. Have a credit card ready (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  2. Have your 10-digit team code (starts with “1002”) from your captain
  3. Know how many matches you are supposed to pay for (your captain will tell you this)
  4. Go to On the top, select USTA Leagues Tennis. On the left, select “Pay for Matches Online”
  5.  Fill out the form, using your team’s 10-digit team code
  6. Enter in the number of matches you have been asked to pay for. Each match is $30.
  7.  At the bottom, if you have not already joined the USTA or registered for your team on Tennislink, you can do that here.
  8. Submit your info & wait for confirmation (only click once or you’ll be charged multiple times!)
  9. If you experience any problems, contact your captain right away.


Pay to play, Jan 13, 2013

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