52 Pick-Up ?

Mar 18, 2010Flsuhing Meadow pool on Mar 18, 2010

Today must be the bad hair day. I felt like a dead meat in the pool. I was tired when I entered the water and feeling tired when I counted the 22nd laps and was dragging myself at 38th laps. I normally feel energized by 8th laps or so. But my limbs were too heavy for me today. .. But I managed the 40 straight and did an additional 12.

Think of Phelps swims every day! Some time the moment I hit the water, I felt ephemeral although I never smoke or inhale .. but hey, I could read 🙂 .. and others would be like today .. uninspiring.

The swimming pool in Flushing has improved a little but the young lady isn’t there any more, -:(.  I found people are, over all, bit more courteous. Perhaps the time of the year.

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