USTA/Eastern Metro Regional Championship, day 2

We had our chances but didn’t capitalize on them. Part of the game I need to improve – mental, although Deb promised a prettier trophy for the 5th place team. More pix on FB and more team pix; the girl in the white fancy outfit.

Jerry and I had a 3-0 lead in the fist set but lost it 7-5. The gent seemed having trouble moving in the beginning which was distracting, which is to say, I need to improve my game mentally and my brain.

My mind began wandering around, trying to figure out why Court #15 next to us wasn’t being used by Deb: two girls vs a gal and a guy. … Thought I saw the girl in the blue dress was mingling with us .. It bothered me. So .. after couple of more games and finally I heard the tall gal grunt like a man. Oh, I got it, to show unity he dressed in sync with his partner.
How sweet and cute.
We lost first set.
I was very disgusted. Why couldn’t I concentrate on my own game?? I even caught a glimpse of Adam while playing.

The End .. The Exit ..

The Exit .. better luck next year

It’s been a great and fun season for all of us, thanks kids for being so considerate and supportive of the team. Better luck next year.

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