How could she know?

Two New York cops raped a drunken woman. I heard it a while ago on radio while driving. And the story just won’t die, kept on coming back. So my info is all from the radio whenever it coincide my driving. I remembered first the reporting was she was so drunk that her friends put her into a cab from a bar.

my 2nd widowhood ..

My first reaction, IF she was so drunk, how could she know? Being a woman I sympathize her, but my second thought was … how could she get to that point without a safety net, like a friend who would and could get her home/bed safely?

Next news I heard of her was she wore a wire and confront the cop and he admitted that he wore a condom.
How on earth could she identify the cop IF she was so drunk? And the case moved so fast!

The lady who sued McDonald‘s because its coffee burned her came to mind. Oh, the finger lady (who claimed she found a finger in Wendy’s chilli) too.

Golfer plays 2-4 times a week ..

Just the other day, the news came that the two cops, one did rape and the other was the lookout, Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata Got Off. Golfer happens to be on the same team with the attorney defending the New York Finest. He got rounds of applause in the locker room.

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