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Nov/Dec 2011 issue on stalling


In a recent USTA mixed doubles match, our opponents chose to huddle up and discuss strategy after every point, sometimes for up to a minutes. This slowed the match considerable and disrupted our rhythm. Needless to say, we didn’t play as well as we hoped and lost a close match. Is there a time limit between points? And does it matter who is serving? Could we have called a delay of game?


The maximum time between points, according to the Rule 29, is 30 seconds. When its’ your serve, your opponents must play to your ‘reasonable pace’ (Rule 21). That said, in matches when there are no ballpersons, some additional time is permitted to corral the loose balls. Still, regularly engaging in the lengthy discussions you describe is also a violation of The Code, item 38, which deals with stalling. You should ask your opponents to pick up the pace and if they don’t, seek out an official to time the match. There’s no provision for you to directly penalize your opponents for “delay of game”.

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