Summary 2012

Captain’s meeting was held on Oct 12, 2011 at Jackson Avenue Steakhouse now a Sports Bar. I think when I attended the first meeting in the fall of 2009, it was called Al’s Steakhouse & Seafood; last year it changed to Jackson. This year the meeting was housed to an individual room to the left with own entrance. The bathroom was newner and nicer, there was a small sitting area with sofas by the door/window facing the Jackson Avenue. However, the plates became plastic while the glasses and utensils remained real. Odd combination.
Someone wore this motorcycle helmet, which to me, looks good enough for a trip to the moon. Wondering if it has Boss stereo built in? Or air conditioner? At least a cooling fan?

The meeting stated to start at 6:30pm but didn’t start till 7:10. This is the first time that I made it there on time. Oh well. I had to leave early for the 8pm match at the Westside.

The schedule won’t be ready till next week but the league will provide the sign up sooner; and asked us to be ready to play the first match on Oct 31. Actually most players would rather have the schedule first, to align with their own. The Manhattan season runs 10/31/2011 – 02/09/2012.


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