Remington Steele

At my first captain’s meeting, among few antidotes, the coordinator told us few stories about players under rate themselves. Couple of famous cases: to evade the league, one female player changed her names: using different spelling, married name etc. Another player from the west coast who played for Division I or II, rated himself a meager 4.0. As a rule, college players should be rated at least 4.5. The league went as far as hiring a PI. Yes, a private investigator. All those trouble. All in the name of a fair game.
This season I have a player who hadn’t played in the league for a decade. So he’s to self-rate to join. By completing the questionnaire, he got a 4.5. He appealed immediately and was granted a 4.0. The coordinator has said enough times: answer the questions truthfully and IF you feel you’re under rated or over rated by the system, write up your explanation and appeal.

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