The airheads or what?

My little journey to book a party at NTC:

It took a painful week in December for them to get back at me, to say that they have five courts 4-6pm on 1/22. But they would charge 20% booking fee for any party. Never heard of it but ok since I wanted to have it there.

The charge from USTA on 12/23 is $570. The court costs $38 per hour on weekend after 4pm.

Hmmmm … I’m slow, not math wiz, didn’t learn calculus, couldn’t figure out what’s this $570 represent. 5 courts 2 hours is only $380. 20% is $76. The total should be $456.

So I called. Called. And called.

In early January, I canceled two courts, only three courts are needed.

On 1/22, they charged me $228.

Feb 14 evening called, left message
Feb 15, the front desk .. piped me to its business manager, left message on her voice mail
Feb 16 contacted Amex, a business where profit/loss matters, asking the $228 reverse to credit instead as an additional charge.

I never learnt the math behind $570.

Please allow me to borrow F. Scott Fitzgerald’s much quoted phrase: “the rich tennis people are different from you and me”.

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