O Captain!

My Captain! Each skipper runs his or her team differently.

A former mate who moved to Plano said his current captain drills them weekly. Maybe the Texans are just endowed with natural skills for I can’t hit the ball right without my partner consistently nagging at me, like keep your feet on the ground or stay behind the baseline.

There is an Asian woman who’s being nicknamed the Dragon Lady, she has 10 or 20+ teams and provides sushi at practice. Some rich New Yorker. She got suspended for illegal dealing but now is back in force.

A Long Island captain was also being suspended for illegality but he ran the team anyway. A note pad/pen in hand he scouted the courts and opponents like screening his futures son or daughter-in-laws.

My 8.0 team captain is fun loving drug dealer. Ops, I think an explanation is needed here before the rumor runs wild: because he signs Tennis is my cocaine in all his emails,  so I feel a druggie is appropriated nickname. Anyway I finally made to his practice last night, 7-9pm. Six courts – no wonder we often have difficulty reserving courts at NTC. There was wine before the start and a party afterward. We watched Whitney Houston’s passing and Jeremy Lin’s 5th win for the Knicks. Soft drinks, nuts, dips, breads, wine, Black Label and Grey Goose .. at 11:12pm they wrapped up the party and headed out to Red Bull in Flushing for dinner. I was about to turn into a pumpkin or Cinderella, so I declined. Actually I had no energy to keep up with the Joneses. More pix on FB – Saturday Night Live from New York

In conclusion: I think my teammates get a lousy deal. Oh well. My 7.0’s 3rd match on Feb 10. It looked like someone felt asleep after an esay first set -:)
D1: 6-2, 6-3
D2: 6-3, 6-3
D3: 6-3, 3-6, 10-4

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