Manhattan Mixed Playoff Regulations 2012

The rules and the schedules of March 3.

The residency rule seems to mess up thing a bit: the top team is out. I am shocked that they failed to organize the team within the rule. There must be a lot of extra works/emails/angst involved. I got an email for my team’s residency too and thank lord everyone moved quickly within the city limited during the season. OK, JK. Guess someone does go to that extra miles getting a talent or two to form a winning team. When I first heard about this residency rule I thought: there is no way that a team would fail it. Guest I’m till too green.

As for “Once a player participates in these playoff’s, they may not play a playoff match in another region until all of their Metro teams at that level have been eliminated. (Please see Eastern Regulations for additional details).”

Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are districts, not regions. Metro (including Manhattan, queens, and Brooklyn) is our region and LI is another region so is Westchester (called Southern region).

So if Joe is on a Man team and a Q team, both of which are in district playoffs, he can play for both team in respective district playoffs. however, if he is also on a LI team at the same level, he cannot play for LI team in its LI playoffs until his Man and Q teams have lost.

Within Metro region, if both his Man team and Q team win in each district, he has to choose which team to play for in Metro regional playoffs.

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