Ok, our first match is rescheduled

Due to the storm Sandy, our first match in both leagues were canceled. The Long Island region was hit particularly hard, rendered many players/teams under the water, metaphorically and figuratively. Many emails ensued, trying to decide to play or not to play. Many feel tennis will give the players a temporarily relief for two hours while others couldn’t even think about it. The LI league has decided to go forward, but makes it clear, take your time to reschedule – you don’t have to play the match now. Manhattan league has offered to opt out after the storm, but no team has taken that offer, I think.

I’ve informed all the teams that would play us at our home base that alternative location at Roslyn will be used, because GNE is under the water and could not be back on its feet for a month or so. The first match team’s captain said her mates are all affected. Initially, she said let’s get couple of dates to see if we both could make it. I told her to pick a date since I’m sure we’re pretty much available. When I heard nothing from her, I called. She said she’ll get back to me yesterday morning but didn’t; I called her yesterday late afternoon. She has a pair ready to go and herself. All she needs is a guy to make two courts. As of today, I only have 10 players, three 3.5 girls. So we agreed to play this Sunday. She’ll let me know 2 courts or 3 courts.

Having been in the dark for 13 days, I very much sympathize with her. After hanging up the phone, I feel bit like a jerk for pushing her, while she still works out of Starbucks. My players are all anxious to start to play, even we look very weak at the moment: three 3.5 girls only one 4.5 guy. Don’t know what to do with Dan the 3.5 and the 4.0s. This is our first 8.0.

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