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The second 7.0 match was a win, 2-1 (4-6, 2-4; 6-0, 6-2; 6-0, 4-3). The opponent put a 6.5 as the 2D while 7.0 for their 1D and 3D. I tho it’s common courtesy to line up your pairs according to their strength during the regular season, to give more competitive matches, even as on paper.


Dear :
The USTA National Regulations require each section adopt a policy to handle rating changes within the Early Start Leagues – which includes our Manhattan Mixed Doubles.
The Eastern Section’s policty is: “Players who are found to have valid computer ratings, after the appeal process, that place them above the NTRP level at which they are competing may continue their participation at the lower NTRP level UNLESS their year-end rating reached the clearly above level mark. If it did, they must adjust to that new NTRP level. Prior team matches played will be valid.”
Your year end rating of 4.0 places you clearly above level and you will not longer be allowed to participate as a 3.5. All matches from this point forward will be played at your new 4.0 rating.

(the coordinator)
LLC – Metro Region
USTA Eastern Section

My player’s 2012 season records is 3-3 in 7.0 flight and 0-1 in 8.0. This 2013 season, the player played only one match as 3.5 against 6.5 rating combo, won 6-0 and 6-2. I’m confused as why?

The coordinator sent me this link for info – Dynamic Ratings.

Deb (12/12/12):

Everyone has a dynamic rating – it is what is used to determine your year-end rating.

Self-raters are the only players for which you can file a self-rate grievance. All computer rated players are protected as their rating was determined by match results.

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