I’m an official sissy now

I’ve always considered joining a gym is kind of, sissy. Ok, gym rats, no need to throw eggs or rocks at me – I are not bright most of the time – just became a member today. A first.

For the past two weeks my back hurts to a point that I can’t play tennis. This is serious. After a week long trial membership at Equinox in November, they sent me a promotion offer on Dec 6: no initiation fee ($150) plus first month free ($150), I jumped on it, to strengthen my core muscle, or whatever/wherever needed to be enhanced. At signing (yes, signing a contract!), the first month free is a lie because their billing cycle starts on 23 of the month.

Dec 11, 2012

Dec 11, 2012

My observations:

  1. most people there are in shape.
  2. all the women in the yoga/Pilate class can do push ups. Are you kidding? I could not do a single one. Never done it, can not lah in the future
  3. although I’m flexible enough to do the basic, I’m lagging behind on more difficult posts/positions.
  4. I can not keep up in the cardio exercise class

.. and I’m thinking they’re sissy ..

Dec 11, 2012; the private Pilate studio

Dec 11, 2012; the private Pilate studio

One of friends who is a gym rat told me that

As we get older, our body becomes more fragile. Not much you can do about that trend…. Given that, we can tolerate better exercises where the motions are predictable (like Yoga, Pilate, weight, machine, stair master….). And we become more vulnerable to exercise with unpredictable motions like any ball sports.

Dec 10: took their EquFit assessment (the 2nd in 2016). It’s their way to get you into Personal Training program which cost $100 – $130 an hour (Tier I $100 to Tier III+ $130). I probably will just stick to my swimming then yoga or Pilate. I have no interest to do machines or getting on the treadmill. I’m just wondering how much does a medical doctor make nowadays.

Dec 12: took the one hour Pilate training. It too, sells packages, $85 an hour ($55 duet session). They were very accommodating: I called the day before asking if 7:30 am would work. Yes it’s. The girl was on time and gave me an full hour of training.


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