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One of the mates was close to 20 minutes late – we forfeited 3D. The opposing team captain who played 2D wrote to me after last night’s match

.. .. there was a gentleman watching the 1st double match from your team who interrupted the tiebreak, walked on the court to correct the players, who were not doing things wrong. That is against the rules and disruptive to our players. Please let them know not to do that in the future.

This is from my player:

We were in 2nd set, 2nd game, the man served. He walked in and said the lady should be serving. I think he must be still very sick L, but we resumed the game right away. I know he shouldn’t do that, he knows he shouldn’t do that, but I didn’t think its such a big deal to send an email afterwards, I still think its tedious especially we didn’t go by the regulation and make him (1D) start the match right after he walks in late.

Apparently each one remembered the detail differently. I wasn’t there, couldn’t verify.  My solution? Stick to the rules. If someone’s late, there isn’t a need to grant a full 15 min warm up.

There was an incidence in 2nd set, we were up 2-0, I was serving at 40-30, I served to the lady, the guy called it out then reversed the call and said it’s a good serve, that’s play over the point. I think we should win that point if the opponent made a wrong call, correct?

Yes, it was our point, and here is the rule: #12 on page 3 (or 47).

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