Calm down

I haven’t been sick in ages, so when I had a headache last Tuesday night, it took me a couple of hours to figure it out why my head felt funny. Diarrhea followed on Wednesday. I went to bed early last night, watched a few movies. When I was about to sleep, I got a text from my co-captain that we had swept.
Today all the symptoms are gone and I feel great. Checking on the scores, I realized someone had changed the lineup. With the newly regained energy, I started to spam everyone, as if we haven’t had enough drama this season.
No, no, no, calm down, my co-cap said. The match were well. When he got to the court as both teams started writing lineups on napkins at the small VIP Transportation Lounge next to the clay courts.

There is no viewing area at the clay courts so one of the opposing captains went back home to Bklyn and I sat with the other lady captain and chatted for 2 hrs. Their team’s philosophy was to have fun, play everyone and took in a lot of new players that had no teams (while we aim to make the playoffs). We were discussing if we should drive our Manh ladies home since she had 2 and we had 2. Everything worked itself out and we left very cordially.

There are teams that are cordial and display good sportsmanship, which makes the league play so much more enjoyable, fun for everyone.

And .. my senior moment ..


you forgot that i already paid you 5 matches for queens league… you bought my share from GNE and i was short for some $ and then i paypal you the balance.  it’s like a few days ago…


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