No drama but my own

We swept both matches last night:  the LI 8.0 (4th) and the Queens 7.0‘s first match. No drama, everyone’s happy. Congratulations kids!
I could put a happy ending period here. Pix on FB.
But ..
King was scheduled to fly out of JFK at 10:50pm and he told me that he’s down with a mild cold, headache and sleepy at about 5pm.

Quickly, I divided the night:
6:30 to the club, setting things up – we were hosting
7:10-8:10 home, to check on him, despite him saying, it’s necessary ..
8:20-9:00 at the club, taking care of the league match and the full house 9pm-11pm that followed
9:10 to JFK

When I returned to the club, finally had a moment to check my emails, I found one player informed me at 6:48 that he needed to cancel.  I wasn’t too worried, because there’s 17th player who signed up at last second. So I called Mr. 17th, who readily agreed to come.

The result from our Queens match came in: a sweep.

The result from our home match concluded too: a sweep.

The 9-11pm players have arrived, ready to play. The club house was humming and everyone was mingling well. Jim surprised me with two gift certificates (one for Jenn), he organized with our usual suspects. THANK YOU all so much kids! … When couple of players asked me about lineup, I checked my email to show them … then it struck me, Mr. Cancel did not sign up. (I forgot to check line up before calling Mr. 17th. What else is new?)

So I took out my kneeing pad, and began begging my 8.0 players: who wanted to play?

No one wanted.

Mr. 17th looked not too happy and I totally understood.

Golfer called, asking if I was on my way home. We needed to leave for JFK.

So I pleaded with Mr. 17th: just wait for me for an hour, I’ll be right back ..

He laughed: JFK? An hour? Are you kidding me?

Just when I was at my wits end 热锅上的蚂蚁, three guys rushed in. Two were on the line up and George. I was overjoyed and hugged him. Go away you crazy woman ..


We got to the airport quickly despite of thick fog. His flight would delay till midnight. I got back to the club in a little over an hour time. The matches were very competitive.

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