She’s so nice today

The pool was relatively empty: five swimmers when I got there. Lady Forceful was in the middle lane with a guy taking side. I joined the singleton in the slow lane: I didn’t want any more confrontation and I won’t swimming long. There was a guy in black t-shirt looked like from the club (he later told someone that he needed to watched the kids in the pool; ha ha ha), watching over the pool. Good thing. The woman in my lane preferred taking side and she pointed to her belly:
“I’m very much pregnant.”
Hmmm .. she wasn’t .. But anyway, a few laps later, an older lady entered the pool and installed herself in the middle lane. The MIB walked over and told her to join the slow lane. To my surprise Lady Forceful said to me,
“We can circle.”
It must be a nice day that everyone was reasonable and considerate.
I did few more laps and left for the class.

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