A great birthday present

It’s a cold cold night. Two girls come from the city with the #7 subway. I pick up one and the other girl who’s new to the team, doesn’t want to trouble anyone, opts to walk. Thank good lord another teammate spots her and gives her a ride to the the small bubble (har tru). We all huddle up in the holding cell (the small waiting room left to the court). The captains are not presented, and I’m not informed who’ll be the acting captain.

IMG_4765We exchange lineup a little early and leave for our own match at the main building. Court 12 is open for two hour straight but it’s kind of stuffy so we take court #6 8-9 and #1 9-10pm. Tony and I lost all sets: first set 1, the second set in tie break and the third set – I was beaten so soundly I couldn’t remember it any more -:).

The league match is fine, except there is an argument on third court:

.. On Thursday night, we had an argument with 3D guy in the tie-break. After his serve, 2-1, in their favor, we won 6 points in a row. On the next point, 3D girl hit a return that was just out. I had a good look of the ball and called it out. He started arguing that the ball was good and it’s not my call, which is ridiculous. But my partner backed me up and told him to stop. It was our call, both of us. The argument was quite disrupting. We lost the next four points before held on to our lead to win. It was good win. We deserve it!

A few of us who knew him – 3D guy who was a long time captain, felt that he should have known better: it’s our call. The 3D goes to tie break and my pair won 11-9. After the match, everyone stay to share a fruit tart and a bottle of Mondavi’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. A sweep is the best birthday gift!

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