The diva

A few weeks ago one of the morning yoga studio classes was cut short to 45 minutes. I asked the instructor why, she replied the club wanted to make room for a popular instructor. The classes in the yoga studio in the morning were always an hour long. Oh well.

Today at Popular’s 9:45 class, it was so full that she had to turn away people. One woman was so determined not to miss the class, she did it in the hall way, peeking through the glasses. I wasn’t late but when I got there the class was pretty full. I grabbed an empty mate that’s in the first row – the mates were laid along the floor; seven mates per row, which was extremely crowded. Kim touched my shoulder and told me to switch with another girl. Later I asked her why she replied that I wasn’t good enough to be in the front row.

hmmmmm ..

The other day a woman on the mat next to me texted. Ms. Popular called out on her. The woman said,
“Thing happens .. ”
Later Ms Popular came over to apologize. I was confused: why the kiss up? The woman replied:

“I can deal with it.”

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