Simon meets Sunny


Last night was the 3.5 league at USTA.  Simon wanted to play it too, but was told can not lah – because he has played in the 4.0 league.  So he dragged me to go tennis watching.  Didn’t know many Weekend Morning guys were in this group too. 
Before men’s 3.5 it was the ladies 4.0.  After their match, one group stayed, like a girls-night-out, wines, picnics … the party was even extended to the parking lot (very odd, under the Center court).  5 matches, 4 wins. 
Simon C the captain played singles, so did Sunny.  I *think* I need to restate my 3.5 to 3.0, since Sunny is playing in the 3.5 league!  Simon had great win last night, teaming up with the Mongolian (don’t know his name) who has plenty fire power.  They mixed it up well, and won 6:2 and 6:3 against the two 4.5 guys – I knew many players would go as low as they possibly could.  Personal preference… 
Sunny’s opponent was the type of player either a cheater or just too nerves that he called everything out; Simon C the captain’s opponent had bad temper, screaming and abusing his racket …  all too familiar with USTA sanctioned leagues.  Simon said if I don’t want to play girls league, I could do mix … not sure I really wanted it, although the pressure does do wonder to my game.  Good thing about participate at USTA vs home league is the playing time: evenings vs late mornings. 
Tony walked from Flushing to meet us there, lord.  Well, he’s an actuary, knows the % of risk, lol. 
He said, “I don’t know why no one takes Simon seriously at first.  They all think what’s this 2.0 player is doing here with us?” 
I take him seriously from the get go, but just my brain doesn’t hold his teaching long enough to produce an improvement – left ear in, right ear out without much of a pause, :))…. Age does that to me.  Anyway, it’s a great night… taking time watching others play do help, unfortunately I don’t have much time to spare, 🙁 …  Sunny said I should bring Slowpoke to play with them, “we are all there … all the time …”  that’s sweet.   Almost forgot, Simon G played Sunny once before, so they’re not strangers.

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