Two small teams of summer 2013

I’ve never seen a team forfeited so many matches during a season – one team with 12 players (both 1st time captains) canceled six courts the other with 13 players (one 1st timer) canceled four courts – This summer season has only nine matches (45 courts in total). I think with 9 teams I’ve captained over four years,  I only canceled one court due to snow storm which the league ended up canceling all the matches that day.  Megan Bridget Gaul/ Sally A. Foster; and Elaine Philis/Diana Nikkhah Harfouche



D=doubles & S=singles:

4/20, match #1003516532, one court, D
4/23, #1003516534, one, D
5/3, #1003516540, one, S
6/25, #1003516564, one, D
7/12, #1003516570, two, SD

5/8, #1003516545, one, D
7/2, #1003516567, one, D
7/13, #1003516571, two, D

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