Sunny dumped me for Sunny

I got up at crack of dawn and raced to play with my weekend morning group.  Sunny and I got there at the same time, 6:48am.  Harrison and Robert, the pair early birds are perennial, were there sweating it out.  They both have beautiful single hand backhand, it’s a joy to see them play.  Charlie walked by before we started.  So he joined us.  15 minutes later, Ming came, so I thought we have a doubles game.  Then here came the spider: a cool looking Indian clad in black with a red cap who also named Sunny.  I was just dreaming would I be teaming up with the MIB … then heard the order from my Sunny: “Irene, you go to next court ..”  Yes lord.  There’s a guy who’s alone, doing some serves.  I’m sure I’ll be happy playing with him. … In fact, we did pair up against Albert and lefty Sing.  The Sunshines played a fantastic game, so did we, even we lost 6:4, oh the stranger’s name also Charlie, or whatever.  Sunny would remind me from time to time, “keep you eye on the ball!!”  Yes Lord.

Sunny and I had small chat as we walked in.  I asked him if it’s true that players generally peak after 3-5 years, and remain at that level, and going down hill as you age.  For I still thinking the elusive 4.0 … He said, it’s all depends on how fit you’re.  And went on to say, I’m at 4.0 level, “just need to keep your eye on the ball.”  How could I be a 4.0, when I never beat him at 2 points handicap who plays on a 3.5 league?  Men’s is different from the girls.  Oh ya?  Okaaay.  Whatever you say, Sunshine.  I know I wont win a set, now I know I can’t even win an argument.  Just keep my eyes on the ball.

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