US Open in May?


Friday night we got a treat: a former pro who played 1989 US Open came to challenge Tony who’s a 5.0 player and rarely does he find a opponent within our circle. 
The story went like this: Tony showed up for work – a.k.a. to play – was playing first with the blue shorts and the bluey called his buddy the red shorts.  Tony teamed up with Jimmy whom I’ve never met before.  When I finished my game – lost singles to Mark (I was up 4:1, but couldn’t close the set, lost 6:4), but dished out a bagel to Mark and a Korean hard hitter like Alex in doubles with Eric – we followed others to court #4 where the game was in high octane, atmosphere was intense and temper flied couple of times.  It’s like watching the qualifying rounds at the Open.  Great stuff.  Tony and Jimmy took the first set at 7:5, and they stopped at 2:2 due to night fall.  I have the feeling that we’ll be seeing those often this summer.

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