A challenge to all the swimmers 挑战水鬼们!

One hour long water aerobic. I can’t -:(. The very first time, I picked up the largest barbells water dumbbell and .. and the result was very embarrassing. I started to swim since six months old, in the Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace in Beijing. Now the lake is forbid for swimmers. I thought I could handle anything in the water.

The medium one fits me better. After an hour long swim I feel revitalized but after an hour of aerobic I feel like wasted, kaput.

I reckoned that one needs to try it once before passing a judgment.  想当然 won’t work.

The few instructors, as it happened, all female. Most of them are just leading us except one, who wants to have fun too. She’s kind who likes to party everyday but unfortunately there isn’t not much of response from us.

image image image
挑战水鬼们:能不能坚持一小时的课?俺自以为是,第一次拿了个最大的,不知道 岸上轻于鸿毛水下重于泰山 [大哭][冷汗] 可以想象多狼狈. 咱坚持不了多久. 游泳一小时还能活蹦乱跳的,但是半小时这个俺就残废了. 照片是网络上抄的但是都一样,连人种和年纪都不相仲伯. 俺去召开自我检讨会了.

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