new rulesUSTA Eastern section held a webinar this afternoon talking about the ratings.

In the past, mixed doubles result doesn’t count but everything counts now. As for medical appeal: last year the league had only granted 6-8 nation wide: very difficult to win. IF you played against someone who made to the Nationals .. how they do in the Nationals will affect your rating ..

More to come ..

Key to Type of Rating

Untitled2A – Appeal
B – Benchmark – advanced to playoff or championship round
C – Computer
D – Dynamic
E – Early Start League dynamic
M – Mixed Exclusive Year-end Rating
S – Self-rate or Medical Appeal
T – Tournament Exclusive Year End Rating

We played our 6th match. Four opponents were bit late. When it was 8:15, time to start match, the lady didn’t want to claiming she had practiced served yet. So we let her served up few .. she wasn’t charmed. I felt that a player should watch the time and pace out her/his thing within allotted time. Oh well ..

The light accidentally went out at 9:20 when second and third doubles were already concluded but first doubles was in a battle for life: down a set but on serve in the second at 5:5. They had to move to another court to won two consecutive games to split the match. Reportedly they played an exciting match, facing the set point (hence the match pt) when the opponents had them running from left to right.

The door wasn’t working after the lighting accident either so we had to exit from the emergency door. Wow .. it was like extreme sport because we could hardly stand up due to hurricane force from bubble decompressing. ok .. think you were exiting the space craft and immediately sucked into dark orbit. Not good enough? The please come up with your own imagination. We almost got blown away into the darkness, foreign terrain where we’ve never been to that part of the club. That must be the highlight of the night -:).

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