A 6:3 win over an 5.5

Tony the ace said I can brag about this win yesterday. So, here I’m.

He also suggested that I don’t have to mention how did I win, with my arms or legs. But since I’m fair, and also my site is being read world wide and I feel it’s my responsibility not to let the fans hanging high .. ya right :)). .. He played with his left hand. I had to serve throughout the game. Well, the reason for writing about it is my mental game isn’t always there, so a win is a win. Beside, my right arm hurt so much (the serve accelerated it) that I almost cried at the end.

Do people say suck it up? That’s it. No one cares if you’re hurting or ill. They only toast the winner. I was glad that I didn’t find excuse to lose the game. Same goes in life. Too many excuses, you’ll accomplish nothing. Many times, I’ll find excuses to give the game away: my opponent is a better player, so I am expected to lose; or if my opponent is a weaker player, I’ll think twice to hit a winner .. .. When I was serving at 4:3 against Tony, my right arm hurt like hell. I suppose I could have fold it right there. Glad I didn’t, went on to win fair (oh well .. he offered it..) and square.

The significant of the match is Tony was a strong and skilled college player who’s good 10+ years my junior (we both attended the Zhongguancun Erxiao). He’s so powerful at tennis, he doesn’t always find an opponent to joust with. So most times, he’ll hit against two guys station either by the net or baseline, depending his mood of the moment.

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