Full metal jacket

I’ve a head on collusion with a heavy set middle aged man in the pool today, around 4:20. I was by myself, doing laps in the lane by the wall. When I saw him sitting on the edge, I began to take a side, kicking off to swim on my left. It’s obvious to anyone with a common sense that the second swimmer should take the right side.

He has a short yellow flippers and dake color gloves on. When I came back the full circle and just kicked off for the next round we collided.

It’s pretty shocking than pain. He apologized, then got outsold the pool. Walked to the shower, then left from the locker room stairs.

I talked to the front desk Daniel before I left at 5pm. The club should ban the usage of flippers when the lane has multiple swimmers. It puts the other one at disadvantage. I won’t feel so hurt if he weren’t waering one. Dan asked me if I was ok, i said I was fine. Just my neck feeling tender and sore.

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