Li Na 李娜 on 60 Minutes tonight

Foremost, she won two grand slam titles, French Open 2011 and Australian 2014, has just retired for the second time on 19 September, 2014. She is pregnant, expecting her first child this summer. This 60 Minutes segment is just a feel good piece, nothing is unknown. Lesley Stahl called Li’s career “remarkable” and applauded her standing up to Chinese government. Li has the reputation as a rebel, which the New York Times Magazine portrayed her in 2013.

In this 60 Minutes interview, Lesley Stahl said, “Li Na is one of the wealthiest female sports figure in the world. She’s probably China’s most famous athlete and an idol to young Chinese not only because of her ability but because the way she stood up to the Chinese system.”

Ms. Stahl. .. “..  .. Li Na became one of the highest paid and most watch female athletes ..  state run sport system… .. leaving the sport after a remarkable career. Remarkable, not just because she won two grand slams, but because she stood up to the Chinese authorities, to win some freedom.”

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