Almost a fist fight – an angry white man

The lone chair by the elevator is missing at the gym. When I came down, there was an Asian man sitting on the long sofa, toward the right side. I hung my coat on the right hand side’s arm. When I realize the wifi isn’t working on my iPad, I went to the desk, asking for help (I was waiting for my husband).

There was only a single greeter at work. I chatted with a lady who’s masseur, learned a bit about it and her. While waiting, an older man came and asked where’s the chair. The greeter explained to him that it’s kaput – one leg was missing a screw hence was limping. He went over to the sofa, and asked who’s coat it was. I said it was mine. He then moved to the right, asking the man to move.

I didn’t watch what happened exactly, but as I was walking back to the sofa (the greeter fixed my wifi .. why couldn’t I log on on my own? I did it last time.), I saw he sat down to the Asian man’s left. It was kind of tight and the two men began to argue.

The Asian man kept on asking me if I knew the older white man, and if he’s my family. So the white man asked me if I knew the Asian man. I was bit bewildered. I have never met either of them.

The white man maintained all he wanted was to sit down and asked the Asian man to move.

The Asian man was saying .. you can’t just squeeze in ..

Next thing I saw was the white man held up his fists as if to punch.

At first, I really thought the white man was joking. But then realized he meant business.

The Asian man said he was threatened and asked the greeter to call the security or the policy. He was using his phone, then used it to take picture of the white guy.

I didn’t feel comfortable to sit there so I got up and moved to the counter by the window. The Asian man said, “you can’t leave, you’re my witness ..”

Another tall man came down and saw part of it, as he was exiting, he commented that the old white man’s rude and nasty.

The white guy went back upstairs so everything back to normal. The Asian man’s wife came down and they left.

Then my husband came down. As he was tying his shoes, the old white man came down too. The greeter asked for his name. Yes, the greeter did say, with so many members came, he did not know his name. The white man became ballistic again, and said,

“I’ll .. getting rid of this place.”

I could not remember exactly what the greeter said, but I felt nowadays, people seem to be looking for, or baiting the key offensive word, in order to make their case.

I felt sad for the white man. What made him acting so angry?

The title is alluring to Angry Asian Man’s messy legal fight with the angry little Asian girl.

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