The last regular season game

When the season started, I had hoped that they make the playoffs or better yet, win their fifth Stanley Cup.

The Islanders played their last game tonight vs Blue Jacket: 4-4, and yes they made the playoff. It’s bitter sweet. I felt sad. They’re moving to Brooklyn next season, leaving Long Island without a sport team. My gut feeling is, they’ll do well there and with Long Island’s fans to the boot. The owner Charles Wang would have a longer commute – he was in talk to sell the team (or the majority stake) last year according to the Lighthouse Ice hockey.

The game started at 7 but by early afternoon the parking lot was full of tailgaters. Our neighbor who’s season ticket holder was so excited, that he pushed up an hour to leave: it’s planned at 3 but left at 2pm. The picture of the very first game of the team in 1972.


image image image

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