PJ on center court

Can’t resist to post my beautiful avocado. Wondering if Stan Wawrinka has someone to advise him on what to wear -:). Omg please don’t abuse my eyes. I like Stan because he’s quiet and plays with single hand backhand. But … His countrryman Federer, on the other hand, is always nicely dressed, as if going to work on Wall Street, ha ha ha..

image image image

吃饱喝足👀法🎾 这么漂亮的油果不晒对不起它 [偷笑] 2 进了决赛. 挺喜欢他的:安静,单反 …. 但是俺想说 请不要虐待我的眼睛 👀 行吗?睡衣都该选套像样的吧?看看小费,永远都是官仔骨骨的好像要去华尔街上班是的 [强] ….. 其实我是讲给自己听的 [晕] 不能天天穿儿女老公的👔 像个叫花子 [奋斗]

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