My first yoga workshop

Adam Dobbs has it at Samudra @ Garden City. Inquire to register for the workshop, they wrote back a long long two paragraphs email, basically saying, “you need to pay for us to hold a space for you”.
I paid.
When I got there, a woman asked if I’ve paid.
So… not everyone pre-pay for the workshop?
Adam used to teach at Equinox on Friday mornings but no more, to the dismal of many club members, myself included. We protested to the management, so far to no avail.
The two hour (or 2.5 hr?) long workshop was good but I failed to do the inversion – the reason I signed up.
At the end, a lady asked us to take a group picture with Dobbs. It’s never sent and no reply from the studio. I had to ask Adam for it. Sure it’s not what we paid for but responding to a customer seems normal to me for a business, if you intend to stay long.

IMG_2378 IMG_2377 IMG_2382

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