Qualifying rounds at the Open

It’s held free to the public from Tuesday, Aug. 23, to Friday, Aug. 26, and consists of 128 men and 128 women competing for the final 32 entries (16 men and 16 women) in the 2016 US Open singles draws.



A new roof and many improvements

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1st round, Moscow born American Dennis Novikov (in orange) beat Italian Federico Gaio in 3 set – he bent a lot when serving. In the beginning we rooted for the neutralized American [Gaio looks like a plumber  -:)] but soon found his manner to be childish … Mitchell Krueger’s outfit is pretty neat. Both Americans advanced. Before we left, we caught the last few games of Canadian Francoise Abanda’s win over Sílvia Soler-Espinosa in 3 sets.

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Something or someone … reading the New York Times isn’t uncommon.

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