A mile

I haven’t done the miler for a while, maybe in a year or so? I wasn’t thinking of doing it either when I hit the water. The pool was somewhat empty. I shared the lane with two girls. In the beginning they were good, stayed out of my way. Then after 20 laps or so, they became increasingly annoying. Waited at the end then go right before I turned. I had to passed them repeatedly. After the 40-lap, I finally asked the lifeguard to tell them, well, get lost. They did. Moved to two lanes away from me.

During my 10 breasts and 10 backs a lady joined me. She’s really a great swimmer. Little out of shape, but looked like a swimmer 🙂 and very handsome. We need more of her in the pool !! She had short hair cut and crispy strokes, very pretty strokes. What’s heck, I decided to chase after her instead of leaving; so I piled on 12 more laps of free. 72 that’s it. A mile.
At the end, she suggested that I shouldn’t raise my arms so high and hitting the water flat handed.
“Waste of energy.”
She’s right.
Urrrrrr .. correcting the old habbit isn’t easy.
Next time.
Ha, that means I might improve my time IF I correct it?

In the locker room I ran into these two annoying girls and wondering what they do for a living: they just stood there comparing bras and undies. Bar girls? Their accents were pretty hicky.

What’s heck, I got my miler today, and nothing could damp my spirit. Not even the snowy weather. I can take on the world. I’m high :).

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