US Open day 8

Day 8.  


Belinda Bencic took out Naomi Osaka in two spectacular sets (5,4), and Donna Vekić took out Julia Görges in three after facing match point. 

Bencic was born in Switzerland to Slovak parents (her earning so far is $5.6) and Vekić’s fm Croatia (career earning is $3.4). I’m thinking, if the Berlin Wall didn’t fall in 1989, will they be where they’re now?  

On Osaka, her prize earning is $11m so far. I always wonder, why does she take her mother’s last name (Osaka certainly docent sound like a Haitian, which is her father side, who never gets to be mentioned? Perhaps, Japan is where the money is? That’s pretty cheap.


Just like Alan Tam hid his marriage (to not losing his female fans) and his wife went along.   

今天认识了2个新欢:Belinda Bencic (打掉了鬼子!!那个干净漂亮  不要不要的)和 Donna Vekić。都安静 都挺漂亮的 是好朋友  也是下圈的对手。我觉得 Bencic 打的比较好 – 她的奖金 $5.6m, Vekić只有$3.4.


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