The men’s final

I’ve never cheered for Nadal the swarthy as I do now, as he’s battling for the 2019 US Open title… but at the same time, feeling for the other players who retired without winning a grand slam title. The following four won 78 grand slam titles in 20 years, out of 80 opportunities (… somehow I felt my math isn’t right … and btw, doesn’t Daniil Medvedev look like Fredo in The Godfather?) but here it is – after Nadal won the 2019 US Open:

  1. Serena 1981 won 23 since 1999 ($90m)
  2. Federer 1981 won 20 since 2003  (126m)
  3. Nadal 1986 won 19 since 2005 ($111m)
  4. Djokovic 1987 won 16 since 2008 ($134m)

Medvedev’s speech at the trump ceremony summed up nicely and it’s heart felt … good for him …

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