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More 🎾 look-alike @ the US Open

Doesn’t Victoria Azarenka look like FB’s Mark Zuckerberg? She’s probably more man than him …  The match between Alex de Minaur of Australia and Deminic Thiem of Austria is pretty good … don’t you think de Minaur look like Hitler?


1⃣️ 盗图 [呲牙] 她也是妈妈 … 叫春的声音震耳欲聋. 比小扎还男人 😂 2⃣️ 希特勒了? 3⃣️ 为数极少的单反 [强] 秀秀气气的像谁? 希望他明天打死那个🇷🇺 讨厌鬼 [呲牙] 主持人问 “混双你会选谁?” “小威” [呲牙] 都有幽默

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