Gosh… what a day – I’m a such sour loser. Two court from us, is a burly man with a booming voice, feeding balls to a long legged young woman. Can’t he keep his voice low? Guess not. Endure the two hours. My court, our opponents are beating us … but one of them keeps asking for coaching. What the hell: you’re winning, shouldn’t you be doing what you’re have been doing? It’s just so annoying! What’s more? They’re beating us yet, one of them doesn’t know the most basic etiquette: take a drink whenever – as it happened, always on even games – just incredulous.

Then after getting into the car, the news of Tiger Woods is injured in a car crash made the day darker. Gosh … they say his professional career might end right there. Seeing him play, up close, in 2009. A speedy recovery, Tiger. The golf feels boring without you!

🎾 0-4 [捂脸] 🎾 惨败
然后听到 Tiger 🐯 车祸 … 职业生涯可能就此结束
都啥事儿 … 可能出门前没有查黄历 [捂脸]

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