🐅 Red and black 🐅

6-1, 2-6, 6-6 … keep moving!

The pros at the club, open new balls – they replace old balls every five to six weeks. Geeeee … my balls, generally last about two times.

Yesterday, in support of Tiger Woods 🐅, a few golfers wore red top and black pants, to show support to Tiger who got injured last Wednesday.

2009 US Open

Oh boy, it isn’t, like, he’s passed away but maybe it’s what the golf community is thinking, how to continue without him.

Why the heck did he get married to begin with?

周末好多高尔夫球员穿红着黑的 – 支持受伤的同伙🐯

👇是2009 🇺🇸公开赛 被朋友抓去
… 无聊 我自己找个安静的角落 … 不久他走过来: 没有媒体 没有粉丝 他真的挺像圈在动物园中的🐯…
现代二个出名的保姆 一个黛安娜 第二个非他前妻莫属

Speedy recovery 🐅 & be a great father [愉快] 早日康复 做个好爸爸

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