Tibetree, the pain killer

Tennis elbow and bad knee, maybe it’s just simply the old age symptom. Went to see my doc who gave me a bright yellowish box, Tibetree pain relieving plaster. Inside, it has 5 single plasters. “Change every eight hours.”

Inside each plaster, there is a pat and a tube, the size of soy sauce from the fast food. Pour it over the pat and stick it on.

After I posted this on WeChat, a friend said she had huge allergic reaction after using it. My reaction? Nothing. I felt nothing and feel it did nothing for me. Eagerness to return to the court keeps me using it.

$15 from my doctor but on their web site, it sells for $18.70. I called their (800) 360-6219, after a few rings, a woman answered it casually, as if it’s her home phone. They don’t sell to retail stores and for individual customers, we should buy it online. For whole sale to the doctors’ office, the package contains 36 at $421. “We’re running 15% discount currently,” she said, which comes out about $10 per box of five. It may not be a bad idea.

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